A living chaos theory, when people and parties aren’t what they say

Okay, we have a Democratic president who has the consent and backing of a Republican House and Senate on what is called a trade bill, but the Democrats, his party, voted no to the bill and effectively, for the time being, killed it. Then we have our governor saying he is going to adjust the submitted budget, which was passed by his party after he said, “Go to it, boys,” but the uproar was truly startling from some Connecticut corporations, and that’s just the ones we know about. So the governor is unraveling the budget, and the people on Capitol Hill in Hartford are standing in transfixed shock. The governor will be flying to the Paris Air show to try to woo and win better businesses to the Nutmeg State. And …

The head of the Spokane NAACP is being accused of falsely claiming to be black — her white biological parents in Montana say it just ain’t so, and the powers that be say she was not hired because of her race, that working for the NAACP is not race-driven — ugh. Okay, so if “one’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying for standard for NAACP leadership,” what’s the big deal? She is not the first white woman working for the NAACP, but she is the only one claiming to be black.

The governor is going to fix a budget he handed over to the state Legislature — he will be tweaking it. I think the NAACP is color blind, and Obama is being stopped by his own party. I think I’m very confused, How about you?

A point to ponder.

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