Has anyone asked about the medication shooter was taking?

Yet another full-fledged moment of madness, and the world watches in wide-eyed disbelief. People in a prayer group are shot down as they tried to bring their reality of God’s world to their reality. They were not innocent children in a classroom, or people trying to escape into the world of movies; they were searching out God’s word for its relevance in this world, and they were gunned down.

This young white man, like the last 17, was on high-octane drugs, which have a side effect of causing strange madness to the users. We saw it in Sandy Hook, the Denver movie house, and on and on. Side effects are not side effects; they are effects.

The drug companies try and minimize major reactions to drugs by saying they are not normal or frequent, just something that might possibly happen. Do you believe that?

Every early photo released by the media of these young men show them to look out there, disconnected, and out of touch, out there on another planet. Yet no one questions the drugs; they attack the guns — all guns. We have got to get the use of these chemicals, the drugs regulated in a way so as to prevent these side effects, and we have got to get people who have mental issues who are this explosive into care, not cut the programs.

How much are the lives of innocent Americans worth? How much are the lives of people in prayer or people teaching 6-year-olds worth? How much are the lives of 6-year-olds worth? We have got to take a long hard look at cause and affect. We‘ve been blaming the guns — let’s take a look at the drugs as well.

A point to ponder.

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