Not chaos, just new think

Okay! As we get closer to celebrating America’s birthday, I think I get it now. We have arrived at the point in American history and the American culture where we are now moving to “newspeak.” I read it in a book once: You say the opposite of what you mean, and people know that what you are saying is the opposite. It’s like being politically correct.

“We are practicing diversity” (white men need not apply). “Culturally exciting” (anything but positive views of European history). “We are practicing minority empathy, trying to understand” (Not enforcing the law).

If you check the many graduation pictures in the local papers, you’ll see the happy faces and exuberance of the classes of 2015, and all the images are people of the protected classes in their graduation gowns (check it out). Mind you, these are not deliberate efforts to exclude men but rather the deliberate social effort to make sure everyone else is included — which results in men’s exclusion.

The Supreme Court has brought “newspeak” to a new high in its effort to be all-inclusive by okaying the Affordable Care Act as they have said other things should be okay — lots of stuff will be coming our way on that. And extending the sanctity of marriage to be inclusive of other partner combinations will prove interesting as well. Polygamy is looking pretty good right now!

You see the same in the coverage of sports. Women’s sports are really special; men not so much. The efforts to equalize America has split the genders and the ethnic groups, polarizing an effort that was meant to do good.

Those that passed the civil rights laws and the lawmakers were men, white men, and they did not intend for their sons and grandsons to be relegated to the back reaches of society and cultural relevance. So that’s “newspeak” — do not admit inequality still is in play, call it diversity. Like the white lady in the NAACP — pretend it’s something that is not happening. Pretend to be something you’re not. Are we moving into social insanity? Or is it diversity?

A point to ponder.

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