Can you count or find your way home?

Last week I made an observation on how young people today cannot make change at the cash register. The machine tells them how much one and one is, and what the machine says is what they do.

My son read the column and said, “You know Dad, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.” He is a middle-school teacher and is around young people all day. “They don’t know their own phone numbers.”

The young people of today have been brought up with cell phones that remember not only all their important phone numbers but tell them who has called, who is calling and who they must call. They don’t know how to read a map and have a problem figuring out what is south, east, west and north. The GPS does all of that for them. The phones of today keep the kids in constant contact with their friends, families and emails.

You know, I remember when I was a youngster and had an early morning paper route. On the route I got to know the policeman who walked the streets I delivered papers on. I asked him why he wasn’t driving a police car.

He said, “Don’t want to, then they know where you are all the time; all they have to do is call the car radio.”

With today’s phone all we have to do is Google the phone and we know where it and the holder are. Miss the old days yet? Sounds kind of brave new worldly, doesn’t it?

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