Wondering if there is any shame left in America…

Do you think Margret Sanger would be proud of what has been done in her name, or would she be shamed?

Sanger was one of the most important move-shakers in the women’s movement and one of the major forces in pointing out to the world the true social bondage women were subjected to in this country and the entire world.

She set up centers for women in the poorest of the poor working neighborhoods in America; she pushed for birth control and the rights of women to decide on giving birth. It was their bodies, so they should have the choice in the matter; that was her belief and conviction, and she went to jail when there were very few women’s jails. She went to jail and fought for the poor women of America.

In truth, she fought for all the women of the world. It was not unusual for women to have five or six children in her time. and they often lost one or two in the process; the mortality rate for women giving birth in her time was staggering. She fought to change women’s station in this country and fought for them to have the right to decide their right to give birth, to decide their right to life, to decide their right not to be compelled by society or a partner to do something that might kill them.

Was her fight for the rights of women a fight for the loss of dignity and sanctity of life? Did she intend for doctors to be rewarded for getting the good parts of a terminated pregnancy to sell as a commodity product to medical labs and the cosmetic industry? The Roe v. Wade decision was made 1973 with the Supreme Court’s justices acknowledging women’s rights to terminate a pregnancy with their doctors’ agreement for the safety and health of the mother.

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