Fun of summer is coming to a close

You know you’re on a fast horse when you look up and see we are already in August, the eighth month of the year, the heart of summer, and you realize you are two-thirds into the year of 2015. More taxes, more grandchildren, more incidental drama and some real quick life jolts as well. Time keeps moving. The long lazy days of summer we used to enjoy as kids are no longer in our reach.

There’s just too many requirements from our society that we be compliant with the rules and regulation of our daily living. Think about it. We have to get a sticker for our cars’ emissions tests; we have to get the kids vaccinated and prove we did before they can go back to school; property taxes have to be paid or you have a problem. Can you believe the cost of owning a house, and I’m talking with no mortgage?

These requirements make time move at a very fast pace, and every place you turn, if you are not compliant you are punished, you are fined. If you are late, you must pay the phone bill on time or lose it, you must pay the credit cards on time or lose them you are charged a penalty for sure, you must pay the electric bill or they will shut it off, like right now — same with the gas bill. By the way it’s bad to have too much competition with the utilities. Better to have a monopoly so they can charge more and shut you off more quickly.

And you really need all this stuff. Oh, and how about student loans — those will keep you awake at night. The lazy days of summer are just another run of compliance days. I miss summer; I really, really miss it.

A point to ponder.

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