‘I can’t wait ’til Sunday,’ said the man who loved his work

In a snap, that which we have planned no longer exists…

New Britain native and longtime radio personality Ed Henry at age 88 passed away July 18th… He was born Ed Henry Wojciechowski. He was a first-generation American and was proud of “The Lone Ranger” and “Henry Aldrich” and “The Ted Mack Amateur Hour” but most of all he was proud of being an American. He loved the country that allowed his people to be part of what he thought was a great heritage. He strived to be what he as an “American boy” should be… proud, protective and a productive citizen. He and his wife Jean had three children, a home in Middletown and were members of church and social communities.

But what Ed was most proud of was being a radio professional, a talent on local Middletown radio. Everyone in town knew Ed Henry and his show; it aired Sunday mornings…“Polish Melodies” He was on the air for 65 years and loved it. He loved his audience, and they loved him … he loved his radio colleagues and they loved him. They all had fun and, for a short time every weekend, forgot the real world and let Ed Henry make the world fun.

How many people have you known who could not wait to get to work and make on-air happiness for his audience. The audience would be waiting for him to do his Sunday thing, and on and on it went. He is one of the few people I have met, who would not let the passing of time diminish his love of broadcasting and the world of radio. We will miss his optimism and seeds of fun.

I had Ed on my show and we were reminiscing about his long career and some of the people we knew in the business. When it was all said and done Ed smiled, looked at me …“Phil, I can’t wait till Sunday.”

Just know Sundays will not be the same for a lot us for a very long time.

A point to ponder.

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