The people are not running the government

Connecticut is bulletproof for the Democrats — ya think? As with the last midterm election, our state is one of the few — I think there were five or six others — that did not choose to move out any of the sitting elected delegation. They were all re-elected. The state representatives, both in the House of Representatives and the state Senate, were pretty much status quo. No change here. I forget who said it (I think it was Einstein): The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

We did get one new state senator from the other side, Paul Formica. He won an open seat in the East Lyme area. Being the first selectman of East Lyme, the people of that area knew his record and knew Paul, so he is now a state senator. And I think he will be a good one. He is a businessman, administrator and an elected official — a proven commodity.

One party has controlled Connecticut state government for more years than I can remember. Governors come and go, but with one party controls the legislator and the executive branch. The people are not running the government; the government is running the people. That’s the insanity many people in the great state of “steady habits” think is normal.

I am not for one party over the other; I am for the safety of checks and balances. We as a state are out of balance. As a citizenry we are proving the definition of insanity. Hey, did you read where your electric bill will be going up 25 percent Jan. 1? Crazy, right!

A point to ponder.

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