Understanding that the people are the United States of America

I have been challenged by one of the readers of this column to give examples of how I show my love of America. Good question. The statement was made that our president does not show a love for America – but how does one show love of country? One way is the pride one feels with just being an American that’s intrinsic to being able to love — pride in that love. See the faults, but embrace the goodness and uniquely American traditions.

This was a country where all who came here by choice were seeking the opportunity only this new land could offer. Some would go to the California gold mines seeking wealth and just found a new way of life. Few hit the mother lode, but some used their ability through need and fabricated jeans held together by rivets. (They found it tough to cut through the canvas material used to be held together by thread, so they used rivets.) Levi’s were the rage of the mining camps. And a new fortune was made.

Two young men figured out how to organize random information of the fledgling internet, and browsing and Yahoo were born, and the information revolution exploded. That’s American opportunity. The guarantee that individuals can practice religion in safety, the unalienable right to protect oneself and family, and the right to gather and speak against an administration you feel is eroding and reinterpreting these rights without the consent of the people or their knowledge. The right to feel safe in your home and not threatened by a police-state atmosphere and the right to privacy; we in this land of opportunity do not want government deciding what opportunities we are allowed. That’s what they did in the old country.

To disagree in America is a basic fabric of our history; it’s okay to do it. However, some people are of the opinion that only one opinion is the right one – theirs.

That’s the progressive opinion. I love America because it’s the country of my father’s father and my children and their children to come; it is in our marrow.
We the people are America.
A point to ponder.

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