Our nation has become a collection of victims

We as a society have become a collection of people who are victims. America has become a collection of victims — we are no longer a collection of families with respected beliefs, but Americans with rights granted by a collection of victim enablers: our politicians and government.

We have been basically set one against another. You against me, us against them, women against men, black against white. Christian against non-Christian. Democrat against Republican. And on and on it goes.

I came across the term “collection of victims” and had a moment of clarity. Our families were the backbone of American society: The family was charged by society to raise children to respect and understand the people in their neighborhoods. We were taught to respect the people around us, respect our parents and respect our God. This was not a time of endless happiness, but it was a time of endless possibilities. America was the land of plenty and endless possibilities.

New life was not an option, it was an unalienable right granted by God and America’s Constitution. It never was meant to be treated as a right of individual choice. The Ten Commandments were not the Ten Suggestions; rather, they were the laws given us by the lawgiver — God.

America has moved from a land with firm beliefs and connections to God, a public covenant, as in the Old Testament, a pact of direct connection between God and man, to a land of wanderers in a social wilderness.

We agreed to follow the rule of God, and turned it into society’s rule of law. We have to try and reestablish our societal markers, or the dream will disappear. One of the strongest images of the disaster that was Baltimore was a line of city residents (predominantly black residents) forming a protective wall in front of Baltimore police (dominantly white). The message was clear: “To get to them you have to go through us.” The police were left alone.

Americans used to say, “To destroy God’s way, you have to go through us.” Are we still willing to stand up for what we believe?

When are we going to get to where we are going?

I was there; I was there!… when a great effort in America began. Equalizing the down trodden and I was part of the effort to bring a segment of the population “the minority” into the mainstream of opportunity and hopefully equality. I mean real equality, the nation was going to go color blind and become creed neutral.We would bus children from the inner-city, and afford them the same opportunity as the more affluent suburban students. They would grow and be enriched.

There were a few drawbacks…At the end of the long school day the city kids were taken back to the home and neighborhood barren of opportunity but the school day would resonate and bring goodness and light. We were told qualifications on all levels did not matter…jobs, school qualification, college admissions, past experience had very little bearing on our “affirmative action “as a society, it was incumbent on The American people to give the downtrodden a leg up…preferential treatment make room for them even if the old standards questioned qualification…the only qualification necessary was to be one of the protected class. Be a minority… the irony … with the government’s standard… women all women were also a minority, some qualified twice as an ethnic minority and a gender protected class, Native Americans and Hispanics and I think American Pacific island natives and Americans of Asiatic heritage; If you do the math you will see that the minorities became a majority of applicants for everything. Schools, jobs, job promotions … many organizations set quotas to make sure opportunity could be monitored and counted…just to be sure it was happening. And if you as an organization didn’t think this was a serious effort and follow the published requirements the …Government could cut funding or bring you up on discriminatory charges. This mind you was leveling the playing field of democracy and it was a serious effort. Some however called it reverse discrimination.

So fifty five years after the Great society of Lynden Banes Johnson, and the Liberal Democratic attempt at redressing our countries sins we are still seeing the city of Baltimore thrown into a state of lawless civil disobedience and we are still hearing we must, as a population, do more to help the rioters come into the main stream. What have we been doing? Did I mention the fire storm in Baltimore was over the death of a Black drug dealer as he was being arrested by white police officers? Nothing has been mentioned by our news media about Black on white crime in Baltimore its mind boggling. Anyone want to play knockout, if you’re black you walk up to a white person male or female and try and knock he or she out with one punch….great sport. Then you and your friends have a good laugh as you run away after breaking a random white persons’ face. The white community does not react to the attacks. They don’t want to look like bigots Did I mention the mayor of Baltimore is a black woman, a lawyer no less, oh,and the police chief is also black and Baltimore has one of the worst drug addiction problems in the country?

The grand effort on the part of American Politicians has not stopped the rioting slowed it way down… Maybe. It has made white Christian men a new minority but the black community still does not trust or like the Whiteman. The white community sinned against them too long and with a brutality that cannot be fathomed and with the heartlessness of the devil himself. The majority of the old slave community is still in a state of the freedman slave community. That’s after 150 years of post-civil war freedom and 50 years of post-civil rights legislation. The black man is still invisible. At least he thinks so.

We have a black United States President and more high level Government officials, The Senate just approved the first black female Attorney General and ,that was after we had six years of our first black male Attorney General. We have black people running more agencies than ever in the history of this country and we the white community are still told we are not sensitive to minority problems…In 1969 My company made me go to a week long, on company time mind you, minority sensitivity session and it has happened with other company’s I’ve worked for.

When do we graduate? When can I question something about a black misdeed without being told I’m discriminating and therefore a bigot? Has anyone else gotten the feeling that we as a non-black member of the community… we are discriminated against by black people, when they are able! And many are able… I HAVE.

When will we have a men’s study course you know to explain how we were wronged and how domineering and one sided women have become. When will we be able to take our place in this equal society? When? Why are we going around in circles?

Confused … very confused – about gas prices on the rise

Did you notice the price of gasoline has been going up once again? It looks like our financial good fortune is about to leave us. The powers that be are moving the price up to the good old levels of avarice these manipulators of the people like. To them the higher the better — or you all can walk.

At one time we citizens of the United States would have thought our government would use the power of the people to help control these modern-day pirates. But that has not happened since the sixties — that’s the 1960s. The Kennedy administration fought the steel industry raising the price of raw steel because it would have hurt the country’s economic recovery and thus hurt the people. The steel industry backed down; the price jump did not happen.

Have you noticed when the big banks were about to hit a wall and crash the government bailed them out with the taxpayer’s pocketbook. The president sold the deal as a must — remember these banks were too big to fail. Their failure would impact the American economy and cause a financial catastrophe, so we the people suffered the loss of jobs, homes and went through a financial famine. We suffered.

The banks are making more money than ever, and we are still paying what the pirates charge for our gasoline, whatever the price. The government will give voters stuff to build a faithful constituency but not fight to prevent, or try to prevent, our financial pain. The world gasoline reserves are at the highest levels ever. Why are we paying higher prices? Our cars are more efficient — our cars are newer, thus more efficient — and believe it or not there are fewer commuters running to and from work (fewer people working). What happened to the rule of supply and demand? The less the demand, the lower the price; the greater the demand, the higher the price. I guess the rules no longer apply. The question is: when will the government care about the people who work and drive?

A point to ponder.