Passover, Easter: both a time for rebirth

The celebration of spring is also the celebration of Easter, the rebirth of love and hope.
The time of Passover, the time God helped the enslaved break the bonds of their masters.

It’s a time for us to give thanks and remember the lessons of the past and look forward to the life in front of us.

The God of our fathers has become old-fashioned to some; they question his presence and embrace their ego and man’s knowledge and might.

Big mistake!

God had and does defend us from ourselves, mostly. The almighty grants us love and his grace and makes life doable.
My belief: Have you never found yourself talking to God? Asking for help and or guidance, when it happens, is revealing.
Easter is a time for remembering that grace — God’s grace. “God sheds his grace on thee” — remember the song? “And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea” — “America” gives praise to God and man. The fourth verse goes like this: “Our fathers’ God to thee, author of liberty, to thee we sing, Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy light. Protect us by thy might, great God our king.

This nation was founded by many people from many different walks of life, but God was a big part of their everyday life, not just once a year on a holiday, and they did not share it with a bunny. So to all of you, may God shed his grace on thee and thy family and may this Easter bring you joy and a sense of safety and peace.

God bless.

Mother Nature showed us who’s boss on first day of spring

The first day of spring, the first full day, was Saturday the 21st, and as if to show us who the real boss is, Mother Nature presented us with an early morning snowstorm and a last blast of winter wonderland.

It was sloppy and wet, but we all knew this was her last hurrah – the winter of snow was going to be gone very soon, and it was. The sun was out, and by the afternoon the day was pleasant and springlike. We had made it, we the community, through a very tough winter and we are now looking forward to the spring renewal about to descend on us.

Blossoming flowers, strong sweet fragrances and the wonder of the rebirth we see; the growing season is coming and some of us will be getting ready to plant and line up the seeds and plants for the coming growing season. I can never get over the wonder of little seed things growing into tomatoes and peppers, and if you cut a potato in quarters you plant them and you get lots of potatoes. It’s a miracle.

In the old days the ancients would thank the god or goddess of plenty and bounty. Then the Christians thanked a loving and benevolent caring God, the God of our fathers, and the God of the Covenant. They thanked him for his blessings and our sustenance, our bounty. They thanked him for the love and protection, for the grace he shed on them and their families. Yes, they thanked God for his blessings.

I was thinking: When was the last time we thanked God for his grace? No, really. When?

Have a great spring everyone — you all earned it.

Trusting readers to ponder

You know my publisher is one of the best people I know but he is running a business and so for one of the few times in the history of this column he edited some of the words I had written. He’s done it once or twice before but his paper, his privilege. I didn’t agree with the edit but I’m the origin of the point he cut.
The name of the column is a point to ponder, i.e. think about… perhaps take a closer look. This column is one I do on trust; I trust my readers will know I am trying to give another look: move them around the room to look at the stage from a different perspective.
Ironically a local paper had an in-depth article which stated a majority of Americans do not trust what has been labeled the main stream media, News shows, pundits, etc… Also down on the list was our president, our congress… both parties… and the guys who run the show at the will and discretion of the elected leadership; at the will of the president or the will of the governor. The appointed officials! And this distrust has seeped into the public’s opinion of the major corporations we live among… like big pharma, automobile companies… how about oil companies. What’s the price of gas this week and how did it get there? They feel we the public are being played, taken advantage of.
Many people like Obama; more importantly, they trust him because he got health insurance for the masses … others say it was a power grab by the government.
Loyalties are not to the people but to the status quo. Not all public officials have forgotten the people; the trick is to figure out who they are. Who can “We The People Trust.”
Now that’s a point to ponder.

Understanding that the people are the United States of America

I have been challenged by one of the readers of this column to give examples of how I show my love of America. Good question. The statement was made that our president does not show a love for America – but how does one show love of country? One way is the pride one feels with just being an American that’s intrinsic to being able to love — pride in that love. See the faults, but embrace the goodness and uniquely American traditions.

This was a country where all who came here by choice were seeking the opportunity only this new land could offer. Some would go to the California gold mines seeking wealth and just found a new way of life. Few hit the mother lode, but some used their ability through need and fabricated jeans held together by rivets. (They found it tough to cut through the canvas material used to be held together by thread, so they used rivets.) Levi’s were the rage of the mining camps. And a new fortune was made.

Two young men figured out how to organize random information of the fledgling internet, and browsing and Yahoo were born, and the information revolution exploded. That’s American opportunity. The guarantee that individuals can practice religion in safety, the unalienable right to protect oneself and family, and the right to gather and speak against an administration you feel is eroding and reinterpreting these rights without the consent of the people or their knowledge. The right to feel safe in your home and not threatened by a police-state atmosphere and the right to privacy; we in this land of opportunity do not want government deciding what opportunities we are allowed. That’s what they did in the old country.

To disagree in America is a basic fabric of our history; it’s okay to do it. However, some people are of the opinion that only one opinion is the right one – theirs.

That’s the progressive opinion. I love America because it’s the country of my father’s father and my children and their children to come; it is in our marrow.
We the people are America.
A point to ponder.