With a new year, we begin again

This is the time, for a day or two at least, to reflect on the year gone by and the one that is soon to be upon us. The New Year will carry over from what was to impact on what will be; you can bet on it.

The thing that we have to do is try and make the old troubles turn into old memories. We need to take the life out of the bad things of 2014 and turn them into memories. And we open a clean page in the book we start writing with each New Year.

And we begin again, and so it goes yet again. We swim with all the problems and joys mixed into the same pool of life. Some will be pleasant, some dreadful, but we keep going. That’s the test if you have a belief in a guiding force, a supreme being, God. You feel the support in life of a higher power — it is real and very necessary.

So to all of you a very happy and prosperous new year. May 2015 be yours to remember fondly — the year of happiness, joy and love. The year you feel the guidance of a supreme power. The moments when you can no longer call important events a coincidence, or an accident, that you feel the presence of something bigger and better than you.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Point to Ponder and WLIS/WMRD radio. Happy New Year!