Welcome to philmikan.com

The Phil Mikan Show

Monday through Friday beginning at 10am
Phil’s interests are the same as his listeners. From Mediums to Museums, Guns to Governors, Food to Farms. Any topic is fair play on the Phil Mikan show. We have people from across the country as well as across the street.

The intention is to let you, my listeners know that the world is a place of opportunity and hope. We can have the best of times, or the worst of times, we make the choice. The program’s audio archives allow people to listen to a program they may have missed, or for new listeners to catch up on prior topics that may interest them.

We have dream makers and dream readers, people who like the new government and people who want a new government. Sll for you to listen and share, share the world around us. It really is not a bad place. The Phil Mikan Show is for you the listeners of WLIS/WMRD and around the world to enjoy and join in the exchange.

The Weekend Corner

Saturdays from 9am to 11am
Phil Mikan brings a wide range of interests and people to the listeners of WLIS/WMRD. The program ranges from state commissioners, bank Presidents, true entrepreneurs… people who are in the news and people who make the news.

We look at our neighbors as well as your neighbors. There are very few topics that do not appeal to The Weekend Corner’s listener; most of the guests we have are live and welcome callers from the listening audience. The conversation is engaging, entertaining, and at times enlightening.

The Corner looks to broaden your day and even make a smile or an audible laugh come out of our listeners. We find out what is new and different in the fields of medicine, renewable energy, new ideas, and great inventions. We try to lead our listeners towards the optimism and opportunity we find in this 21st century. Our world is not gray, but full of colors and discovery. Exciting authors, with opinion and points of view that make the world shimmer and shake. All that and more can be found on the Weekend Corner from 9-11 Saturdays on WLIS 1420 & WMRD 1150 with host Phil Mikan. Enjoy the Weekend and join us.